Individual Therapy


People see a psychologist for many reasons. Some common concerns are depression and anxiety (sometimes experienced as feeling unfulfilled, stuck, restless, tense…etc), relationship difficulties, life transitions (i.e. separation/divorce, bereavement…etc), chronic stressors (i.e. caregiving someone with developmental or behavioral difficulties, chronic illness…etc), and isolation (i.e. feeling misunderstood,  disconnected or empty).

Therapy sessions with me are generally 45-55 minutes long and are once a week.  Depending on the difficulty and level of distress, as well as the depth of change you are seeking, therapy may be short-term or long-term, and may change in frequency.     

If you have been dissatisfied for some time, without consistent relief, individual therapy is a good option. I have extensive experience working with people of diverse backgrounds. I provide evidence-based psychodynamic therapy grounded in theories on development, attachment and relationships. I welcome you to contact me via phone or email to see if I may be of help to you.